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Healing Music
Vol. 2
wins Bronze at
Global Music
OM Shanti
by Valerie
reaches 100K
streams on Spotify
Healing Music
Volume 2-
also charted at
One World Radio
in the UK.
Healing Music
Volume 2
debuted in the
top 10 of the
New Age
Radio chart (ZMR)
“Valerie’s music is
the vibration of love.
It joins our
heartbeats throughout
the universe.”
Tao Porchon-Lynch
100 year old yogi
“What an amazing musical
experience Valerie provides
with this splendid album…
her talent shimmers across the
spectrum of world music,
new age, jazz-rock
and everything beautiful
in between…She also gets
my pick for
MUSIC ALBUM. 5/5 stars.”
Dick Metcalf
Contemporary Fusion
“Calming, refreshing, and energizing
all at the same time.
If you are a looking for a bargain,
you get a LOT of music
for your money with this album –
well over two hours!
It is music with a purpose,
a pleasure to listen to.. 5/5 stars”
Kathy Parsons,
Mainly Piano
“Owing to Romanoff’s guitar,
the sound is a fusion of Indian
with new age/folk,
a dash of blues,
and even a bit of rock ..
.Damned tasty! 5/5 stars”
Bill Binkleman
Zone Music Reporter
“Healing Music, Vol. 2
is an overall
chic and semi-exotic blend of
acoustic, meditation and world
beat styles of music.
Elements of both Eastern and
Western acoustic
music are seamlessly
woven into a sonic
tapestry of organic resonance.
The perfect ‘chill-out yoga’ music
for transporting the mind to an
iidyllic soul retreat! 5/5 stars.”
Candice Michelle
“If there is such a thing as
meditation that knows
how to rock (softly)
then this is it.
If you were in search of that
sort of diversity then look
no further than
Healing Music Volume 2.”
Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck
New Age Music Reviews
“Valerie is the New
Sound of Positivity.”
Beth Ann Hilton
Positively Entertaining

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Featured Track from the Album

Tour dates

Corporate Holiday Party , Valerie Romanoff and the Starlight Orchestra
Palm Beach, Florida
Valerie Romanoff & the Starlight Orchestra
Private New Year’s Eve Celebration

Hyatt at the Bellvue Hotel, Philadelphia
Valerie Romanoff & the Starlight Orchestra
Phildelphia Academy of Music Annual Ball

Liberation Yoga and Wellness Center, Mahopac N.Y.
“Awaken Your Inner Song“- Music and Talk by
Valerie Romanoff; featuring music from “Healing Music Volume 2“

Creative Life Center; Sedona, Arizona
Healing Music Concert
Valerie Romanoff; other artists: Louis Colaiannia

Sedona Yoga Festival; Sedona, Arizona
Valerie Romanoff Workshop- “The Yoga of Music“ (Using Music to illuminate our Inner Self)

Healing Music Volume 2

On the ZMR New Age Chart for its 6th month!

Enter your Inner Oasis;                                      Peaceful Reflection, Meditation, Calibration.

“Peaceful Music with a Groove”

So much is happening all the time. To get the most out of our experiences, it helps to find a quiet, peaceful space where we can assimilate all the new energy and recalibrate ourselves to a relaxed vibration of peace and wellness.  The music from HEALING MUSIC VOLUME 2 creates a space to find your own inner sanctuary. This practice strengthens our connection to the Divine within us.  We can set intentions for personal and global upliftment, with prayers for a more peaceful and compassionate world. And we use the energy of music to join our vibrations and send them forth throughout the universe.  Join the global conversation about raising awareness, raising vibration, and sharing peace love music!
DAWN OF TAO    17-minute music video-  Music for Yoga, Music for Meditation, Peaceful Music With A Groove.  Trippy-Art video by S.A. Baron


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