Ready to shift? Let’s open the floodgates for peace, love and happiness; with music, meditation and inspiration for a HIGH VIBE New Year! Live original music, ceremony & guided meditations, sacred mantra chanting for health and well-being, and tools for MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

I was invited by the Wellness Universe to write a chapter in the upcoming book Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools for Happiness

Filled with high-vibe music, sound healing, inspiring songs, meditations luminaries and speakers; This is your HEADQUARTERS to experience the 39th annual INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE

Can't wait til it's time to be back! While my albums are "Peaceful Music with a Groove" for meditation and yoga, my LIVE events are mostly high energy dance music for big fancy parties and events! Check out The Starlight Orchestra, and the JOY & LOVE we share with audiences all over the world.

GROOVE INTO BLISS is an ongoing, experiential journey to empower our moments and enter our peaceful center. Combining music, inspirational words, guided imagery, and other modalities, “GROOVE INTO BLISS” is a forum for “enlightened entertainment” with intention and purpose!

"If there was ever a time to use music to soothe our soul and find an inner peaceful oasis, THIS IS IT!"

"Before I play a note, I set prayers and intentions that the music will be for the highest good and benefit of all." This and more from Valerie's interview with Vivek Kumar

Winning 3 awards, nominated for 4 others, Valerie says, "Spending a few quiet moments each day disengaging from the outer world increases our happiness and sense of peace..."

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