Come join the magic, music, wisdom, prayer, comedy and nourishing community connection! I’m so excited for Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe, an inspiring free online gathering on Sat June 27! This Sat night the theme is "UNITY: Inspiring Humanity To Oneness"

GROOVE INTO BLISS is an ongoing, experiential journey to empower our moments and enter our peaceful center. Combining music, inspirational words, guided imagery, and other modalities, “GROOVE INTO BLISS” is a forum for “enlightened entertainment” with intention and purpose!

"If there was ever a time to use music to soothe our soul and find an inner peaceful oasis, THIS IS IT!"

September 21st is International day of Peace. Every September, Shey Khandro produces a month of peace-inspired events, from Sedona Arizona to the Global online community. I love creating music for this!

"Before I play a note, I set prayers and intentions that the music will be for the highest good and benefit of all." This and more from Valerie's interview with Vivek Kumar

Spending a few quiet moments each day disengaging from the outer world increases our happiness and sense of peace. Find a piece of music that you like, sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply… and follow your self on an inner journey.

"We create our future by the thoughts we think in the present moment, so I like to think positive, happy, grateful thoughts. Make every moment of your life count by empowering these with love. Be kind, seek to understand, practice mindfulness, and always remember that Peace is possible."

When we share common experiences and common emotions with others, our world becomes closer and more cohesive. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” What we focus on is what we manifest. Music is a catalyst for this healing.

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