Healing Music Volume 2 Samples

2017 | 24 songs | Available for Sale Now

  1. Pink Skies – STILL
  2. Backdrop – STILL
  3. Beyond the Bend – CHILL
  4. Dawn of Tao- CHILL
  5. Moving Glass – STILL
  6. Prelude Went Beyond

Latest AlbumHealing Music Volume 2

by: Valerie Romanoff

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My collection of original music includes many genres.  I compose and perform funky dance tunes (THRILL) with a positive message, as well as meditation music for deep relaxation and inner journey (STILL).  And in between is (CHILL) groovy music for feeling good and finding a flow.

Before I create or perform any music, I set an intention that it be of benefit to ourselves and our world. I infuse it with prayers of love and upliftment. This music is meant to be a tool of transformation, as well as entertaining. The live performance events are designed to be a co-creative “healing” experience for both the performers and the audience. We join together in creating a channel where our deepest desires and intentions are amplified and sent forth. I used to call this the Art of the Future, until I realized that we are here NOW, and it is truly the Art of Our Present, and THE NEW SOUND OF POSITIVITY!

We all use music in different ways, and there are endless possibilities in how we enrich our lives with music.  I hope you explore the many dimensions of music in my STILL, CHILL, THRILL catalog, and join with me in uplifting our world, one beat at a time!

Valerie Romanoff's Music Collection

Om Shanti Shalom- a Single With Bonus Mixes

(CD – Digital)

  1. Om Shanti Shalom

Valerie Romanoff and Vitamin V | Healing Music

(CD – Digital)

  1. Bird Song at Dawn

Valerie Romanoff and Tao Porchon-Lynch | Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life

(CD – Digital)

  1. Chakras

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“Music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.”
-Valerie Romanoff

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