Uplifting our World

Creative expression is more than an art form. Artists have a social responsibility for the vibrations that emanate from our work.
More and more people are joining the conversation about joy, mindfulness, positive energy, meditation and helping to create a more peaceful world.
Change happens in small steps, through each individual. If we feel happy, we are broadcasting the vibration of happiness. This creates an energy that resonates around us. Other people feel it, which makes THEM feel happy and THEY send out a ripple of happiness. And on and on it goes. We can CHOOSE to focus on things that inspire us, and that we want to broadcast to our world.
Sometimes we need reminders to put our attention on these positive aspects. These triggers can be found in the lyrics of songs, or in the pages of our favorite books. We write affirmations and hang them in our homes. We might go to workshops, yoga classes, chanting sessions, concerts and small gatherings to remind ourselves of inspiring ideas.
When artists, musicians and writers consciously infuse their work with strong intentions of upliftment, we RECEIVE these messages on an unconscious level and are very much affected by them. These creative mediums can be experienced as “medicine,” and are good for the soul! I am inspired to create music and art that broadcasts such love in the world, and to interact with you about it. What is inspiring to you right now? I'd like to know.



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