Still, Chill, Thrill

As we know, music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives.
By consciously aligning with different elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.
As a composer, producer and musician, I am in the constant process of pairing music with different aspects of our lives.
Toward this end, I create the Valrock catalogue of: STILL, CHILL,THRILL,
Music to accompany and affect our daily journey through life.

Mark Filippi, D.O.C has called this “Meta-Music,” meaning “Beyond Music.”
We have quiet times of day, (STILL), activation times, (CHILL), and the energetic peak times, (THRILL ).
Many people use music to either accompany these states of being, or to help themselves get there.
How many of us put on music for relaxation, for massage, or to set up a romantic encounter? (STILL) . Think of how we put on the radio or curate playlists to get stimulated while we move through our days? (CHILL) And who doesn’t love the high energy music that pumps us for partying, dancing or exercising, (THRILL)!

I have coined these terms to illustrate how music can be used to deepen our inner experiences and also to affect our outer world.

STILL- invites our inner journey, our times of contemplation and relaxation.
CHILL- encourages our moving forward, activating ideas, setting these in motion toward the outer world.
THRILL- ignites our energy; raises our excitement, broadcasts our bliss through enhanced life-force energy.

Sound waves and music vibration wash over us and actually move the molecules of energy in and around our bodies, affecting how we feel and literally transforming who we. Once we have awareness of this, we can consciously utilize different types of music to bring ourselves into different states of being. Just as film composers use music to tell the audience what emotions to feel, we too can flood our senses with sounds that stimulate our feeling centers.

According to Eckart Tolle, SOUND is borne from silence, just as FORM is borne from space.
If we first connect with SILENCE, then we can connect with SOUND

Using the focus of slow moving sound, we readily connect with the stillness within and around us. Through the ``STILL`` waves of meta-music we go deeper, moving closer to Oneness. In this relaxed state, we create an inner environment for our own wisdom to emerge, and for our intentions to take root.

Also in this state of mind, we are receptive to new ideas and teachings.
We can USE the energy that sound & music creates to strengthen and activate our intentions, to send them out to the universe, and to attract the ``like' energy needed to manifest.

Moving into the ``CHILL`` phase of meta-music, we raise its vibration and energy level, as our new thought forms take root. This creates greater momentum from which to launch our ideas. With increased awareness, we take action, we are action, and we are music in motion.

Once we have experienced our inner BEING (through ``STILL``), and have brought forth our intentions & ideas* (through “CHILL), we are then ready to become an Ecstatic Expression of LOVE-IN-MOTION. Once again we activate and utilize the power of music, as we continue to raise its vibration. We joyfully sway our selves in union with music that thrills us. The spectrum of ``THRILL`` music encourages, enlivens, delights, ignites, and firmly connects us with our magnificent creative power that can change worlds!
Through such practice, we run vibrant energy throughout our bodies and deep into the earth. We become a channel of love and light, and we step into conscious co-creation, raising the JOY factor in ourselves and in our world.


Dawn of Tao


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