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Valerie Loves –

I love music.

I love playing lead and rhythm guitar.

I love funky grooves.

I love life!

I love the expanding consciousness happening in our world.

I love meeting and collaborating with other musicians and performers.

I love being part of the global conversation about peace and love.

I love singing about peace and love.

I love drawing and painting.

I love doing calligraphy.

I love world music; different rhythms and instruments.

I love leading my band.

I love rhythm.

I love meditating.

I love travelling. A lot!

I love performing my original music.

I love chanting.

I love yoga.

I love learning new things.

I love creating with different artists.

I love uplifting people.

I love paddle boarding and sailing.

My newest passion is windsurfing and I have a blast with my friends out on the water!

I am a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild- American Federation Television and Radio Actors).

I am a member of NARAS (National Academy of Arts and Sciences).

I am a member of the Sedona Performing Artists Guild.

I love playing funk music.

I have 4000 voice memos with ideas for new songs.

I love to cook and entertain for family and friends.

I love Sedona, Arizona and go there as much as possible to recharge and recalibrate.

I love exploring other cultures.

I love creating atmospheres in my home and garden.

I love jamming.

I love creating musical community.

I love new experiences.

I love being spontaneous.

I love pushing boundaries.

I love watching great dramas.

I love exciting new opportunities.

I love being understood.

I love seeing all the different perspectives of things.

I love that my life is about music.

I love living magic.

I love being excited about things.

I love creating things to look forward to.

I love connecting with many different people.

I love variety, but I like to duplicate great experiences.

I love being happy.

I love inspiring people with music.

I love the people I work with.

I love being on a strong team.

I love generosity of spirit.

I am so excited to create new music..

I don’t mind changing my mind.

I totally believe that opposing things can both be true at the same time.

I love bubble baths.

I love essential oils.

I love journal writing.

I love making lists.

I love having a stock of supplies.

I love massages.

I love exploring different healing arts.

I love the turquoise Sea.

I love the desert.

I love the mountains.

I love being on the lake.

I need a healthy dose of nature on a daily basis.

I love lighting and production.

I have studied mind-body-spirit psychotherapy and received a certification after completing a 3-year program.

I have an extensive collection of amethyst and quartz crystals.

I love watching the sky in motion; the colors, shapes, swirls, movement. I call it the Divine Canvas.

I am madly in love with my family.

And bandmates.

And Beloved Other.

I love underscoring life with music.

I love doing my part to create a happier and more peaceful world.

And did I say I LOVE music?



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