"Music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.” -Valerie Romanoff

Welcome to the World of Valerie Romanoff, where I love to share ideas about music, art, meditation, passionate pursuits, intentionality, the upliftment of our world, and the power of LOVE.

 A quick bio would reveal that I love playing the electric guitar and creating music; I am devoted to my family; I live mostly in New York and part-time in Sedona, Arizona; I co-founded Starlight Orchestras in 1998 and have spent many years producing and performing live music for upscale events around the country.  (There’s lots more to share in More Passions).

A closer look will show my affinity for the path of self-discovery and awakening, metaphysical pursuits, and a life of spiritual connection.

These seemingly different aspects of my life are now merging together in a most exciting way. Through music I can offer tools for upliftment; through writing I can share ideas about using music to change our lives. Through social media I can join the global conversation about creating a more compassionate world.  I welcome our interaction, and hope to share ideas and inspiration with you!


Meet Valerie

The talent of Valerie Romanoff shimmers across a full spectrum of music, she calls it “STILL, CHILL, THRILL.”  While most musical artists fit into one genre, Valerie enjoys an affinity for creating music of many kinds: spanning new age, jazz, rock, blues, world music, and her most favorite; FUNK. While her celebrated albums have to date been geared toward the meditation, yoga and spa markets, she simultaneously engages audiences with live, up-tempo dance music for high profile private events around the United States, as co-founder and creative director of Starlight Orchestras in New York City, and at festivals and gatherings with her new band SPIRIT JAMFEST.  She is known for her bright presence onstage, her skill in crafting a range of musical experiences, and her talent for bringing together world class performers.  But nothing defines Valerie as much as her captivating and energetic electric guitar playing. Valerie is definitely a MULTI-GROOVE musician!

Music and its different uses became a study for Valerie. In her recording studio, she sought to infuse her new music with the qualities that infused her life. Different styles of music elicit a wide range of emotions, therefore a range of diverse musical styles would be a complement to people’s journey through their lives.  Valerie learned that music can be used as a tool for deepening one’s own experience; by harnessing and using the energy living within the music, one can shape and change themselves and their environment. The “Healing Music” series was born, with sounds and rhythms geared for relaxation and light movement. The concept of “STILL, CHILL, THRILL” began gaining traction, where the varied tempo and intensity of each musical piece enhances a different state of being.

Growing up as a musician and composer in a suburb of New York City, Valerie also learned about the world of business and finance by working in her family’s business. With a focus and a drive unusual for a child her age, Valerie gravitated toward the metaphysical and creative arts, beginning a lifelong journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.  She was fascinated with the idea of personal transformation, and experimented with using the joy of music to uplift others. Any kind of live music performance delighted her-  she spent time jamming with other musicians, collaborating with different bands, hanging around recording studios with session players, and visiting music clubs at night; soaking up the experiences and lessons abundant in the New York City music scene. She sought out teachers in each different musical environment, learning from the masters in each genre.

During her 20’s and 30’s, while deeply ensconced with raising a family and running her live music company in New York, Valerie was introduced to the magic of Sedona, Arizona. Feeling the inspiring energy and the sacred wisdom in the red rocks, her visits to Sedona became an integral part of her life’s journey and a catalyst for deep change, joy and transformation.  She brought groups of friends, family and colleagues to experience the powerful energy of Sedona, wanting every project to be infused with the creative potential that Sedona represented for her. While continuing to broaden her reach as a guitarist and a musical creator of live events, Valerie came to understand of the power of mindful living, clear communication and self-responsibility. After completing a three-year course of study in Mind Body Spirit Psychotherapy, she used these concepts to navigate life as a parent, a bandleader, a conscious entrepreneur, and a writer/composer.

Whether performing live Kirtan and Yogic music with Eastern artists, grooving out with funk bands in small clubs, engaging large audiences at private events, or creating a musical explosion on stage at festivals and concerts, Valerie remains undaunted by what some perceive to be a dichotomy in the branding of her musical persona. “I am creating a ‘full spectrum’ catalogue of music that encompasses the different emotions and tempos that we go through every single day. My music can accompany, encourage or affect all of these states of being, and serve as a ‘Soundtrack to Life.’ “

Participating in the growing global conversation about uplifting our world with peace, love and music has become her life’s work. In addition to her meditation music, look for her new band, SPIRIT JAMFEST, where Valerie and friends are creating a platform for upliftment, celebration, ecstatic expression and the sharing of a common goal; our world in love and at peace!


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