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December 16, 2018by valerieromanoff0

By Kathy Parsons for Mainly Piano

Healing Music, Volume 2 is a two-disc collection of “STILL” and “CHILL” music by Valerie Romanoff. A musician who excels in a variety of genres of music, Romanoff generally categorizes her music as “STILL, CHILL, THRILL” Romanoff’s primary instrument is the electric guitar, but on this album, she also performs on piano, acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Romanoff is joined by Tom Rossi (flute, kora [a 21-string instrument from West Africa] and percussion) and Stevin McNamara (sitar). The music incorporates influences from world beat, new age, jazz, rock and chill genres and can have a very soothing and/or refreshing effect on the listener. In the liner notes of the CD, Romanoff says, “By tapping into the transformative nature of sound, I believe we can help create a more harmonious world…. Whether in the contemplation of stillness, the activation of ideas, or the joyful rise of energy, music plays a significant role in our evolution…. This music is dedicated to our joyous journey and the spirit of LOVE.”

Disc 1 contains the eight original pieces, which range from just under seven minutes to almost eighteen, sustaining an uplifting and positive mood throughout. Infectious rhythms and outstanding musicianship send much of this music skyward. I especially like “Dawn of Tao,” which feels much like a welcome break sitting in a patch of warm sunshine, listening to the birds and other nature sounds around you – calming, refreshing, and energizing all at the same time. I

If you are a looking for a bargain, you get a LOT of music for your money with this album – well over two hours! It is music with a purpose, but it is also a pleasure to listen to just for the music’s sake. Healing Music, Volume 2 is available from Amazon, iTune and CD Baby. Check it out!


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