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Review from Dyan Garris:
It’s always refreshing to see a female guitarist, especially one as accomplished and talented as Valerie Romanoff.  This lady has the music in her, no question. A multi-instrumentalist and performer, Valerie also co-founded, and is the creative director of, the fabulous Starlight Orchestra, and spends her time between New York City and Sedona, Arizona.“Healing Music Volume 2,” is a two-disc set by Valerie Romanoff.  The second album in her “Healing Music” series, these are long, peaceful, meditative jams.  This collection of soul-soothing instrumental songs, which ends up being about two hours of exceptional bliss, is highlighted by the musical categories of what Valerie calls “Still” and “Chill." (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from Jonathan Widran:
Most of the critical praise thus far and deservedly heaped on composer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical visionary Valerie Romanoff’s latest epic collection Healing Music, Vol. 2 focuses on the artist’s powerful meditative and melodic artistry. Much is made of her seemingly otherworldly ability to use melodic, harmonic and rhythmic textures and a variety of instruments – her guitar, piano and synthesizers, along with Tom Rossi’s flute, kora and percussion and Stevin McNamara’s hypnotic sitar, which pulls our hearts ever Eastward – to soothe and caress our bodies and souls via what the artist calls “the transformative nature of sound.” (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from R.J. Lannan:
"Let the music play on. With just a handful of instruments Valerie Romanoff manages to orchestrate an album that is meditative, soothing, and entertaining. The album called Healing Music Volume 2 is eighteen tracks of cross genre fare that includes New Age, World and a nod to several sub-genres. Half of the tracks are radio edited tracks and are shorter than the originals. This is my first encounter of Valerie’s music and I am fascinated by her composition skills and musicality. There is a wonderful balance of synth and acoustic blended tracks on this album, all guaranteed to allow you to chill out and daydream or both." (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from Candice Michelle for Amazon:
"Valerie Romanoff is an innovative and versatile multi-instrumentalist who’s explored a variety of musical styles. The second installment of her Healing Music series meant to uplift and soothe the soul, Healing Music, Vol. 2 is a fantastic double-album comprised of 18 compositions spanning over 2 hours. Alternating between groovier cuts denoted as “chill” and more meditative pieces denoted as “still”, Healing Music, Vol. 2 is an overall chic and semi-exotic blend of acoustic, meditation and world beat styles of music. Throughout the album, Romanoff plays guitar, piano and synthesizers, while she’s joined by Steven McNamara on sitar and Tom Rossi on flute, kora and percussion. (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE) "
Review from Bill Binkelman for Zone Music Reporter:
"Valerie Romanoff is a musician with two personas, which she describes via her Valrock Music catalog as STILL, CHILL, THRILL. The "thrill" aspect is addressed when she tours and plays live with her groove/dance-oriented band, SPIRIT JAMFEST. The other two sides to her musical oeuvre are covered, and exemplified I might add, by the music on Healing Music Volume 2. There are some gentle, serene "still" pieces and also some more energetic but-not-overly-so "chill" tracks. Romanoff plays guitar, piano, synth and is joined by Tom Rossi on flute, kora, and percussion and sitar maestro Stevin McNamara. (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck:
"There is a lot to know about Valerie Romanoff. The multi-instrumentalist has been involved in music since she was a child. Valerie was also the co-founder of the group Starlight Orchestras in 1998. Her resume is impressive and as I was soon to find out, so is her recorded music. I found this recording an instrumental wonder, the combination of instruments is very complex. It is mixed to perfection and the production is top notch from start to finish.   With 17 tracks in total and only a few under 5 minutes in length. It raises the bar for keeping you focused on the music, all of it. This is why I found it amazing how appealing all of it was. The main reason is that it was done in the most diverse way possible. (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from Dick Metcalf for Contemporary Fusion:
"Dick Metcalf What an amazing musical experience Valerie provides with this splendid album… her talent shimmers across the spectrum of world music, new age, jazz-rock and everything beautiful in between… just listen to the wonderful “Beyond The Bend“, and you’ll be captured by her high-talent and high-energy playing; the eight-minute song (8:28, to be exact) rises in a most captivating fashion as it emerges… very, VERY highly impressive, folks, I’ll tell you. …isn’t that stellar?  Many artists who do New Age and healing music only stay in “one groove”, but Valerie shines at whatever she does in the music arena… in fact, I’m asking the promoter to make sure I get all of her releases for review – I’m that impressed!" (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)
Review from Kathy Parsons for Mainly Piano:
"Healing Music, Volume 2 is a two-disc collection of “STILL” and “CHILL” music by Valerie Romanoff. A musician who excels in a variety of genres of music, Romanoff generally categorizes her music as “STILL, CHILL, THRILL” Romanoff’s primary instrument is the electric guitar, but on this album, she also performs on piano, acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Romanoff is joined by Tom Rossi (flute, kora [a 21-string instrument from West Africa] and percussion) and Stevin McNamara (sitar)." (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)

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