Chakra Party

Chakra Party is a name for coming together in the spirit of awakening, expanding, opening into BEINGNESS! Combining music, inspirational words, dialogue, creative exercises and other modalities, Chakra Party is a forum for intentional entertainment and purpose! Also called “Transformational Music Event,” music is consciously geared toward helping create a personal experience of transformation for everyone present; individually and collectively. The energies embedded in the sounds are meant to have a healing and uplifting affect on all present. By using your own intentions, your thoughts and wishes are amplified by consciously aligning with the group energy. This is the Art of the Future, and a viable modality of Holistic Healing Arts for health and wellness. Not to mention blissful and enjoyable!
As we begin the event, we ring soft bells and create sounds with Crystal bowls, whose waves gently affect our minds, hearts and souls. Slowly we introduce rhythms and textures, adding melodies and layers of harmonies, and set the stage to go deeper and higher, enjoying the peace, finding their own rhythm in the stillness. As we progress, more elements are added and the tempo and timbre escalate, weaving energetic and uplifting sounds with the Intentional Soundscapes. World beats, exotic instruments, and intuitive musicians guide us through the journey of sound and life. We find our way to a peak of good feeling, rockin’ fun music, joyful and uplifting. No two concerts are identical, no audience has the same experience, every event is a unique occurrence. The performers are all creative masters, whose contribution is to blend their musicality with their intuition, bringing forth a new genre of sound-entertainment-experience, with an emphasis on feeling good! This is the world of STILL, CHILL, THRILL, and my concept of actively engaging in the “Music of Transformation.” Sounds good to me!


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